Foot Reflexology Treatment

Leg, neck, shoulders, back traditional reflexology.

30 minutes   220K
60 minutes   380K

Reduce leg tension with our leg reflexology.

60 minutes   300K, 2 masseuses 600K
90 minutes   380K, 2 masseuses 780K

Aromatherapy for leg, neck and shoulders.

90 minutes   480K
120 minutes  580K

Full Body Massage

60 minutes   380K

Experience authentic Balinese massage.

60 minutes   360K, 2 masseuses 720K
90 minutes   480K, 2 masseuses 960K
120 minutes   580K, 2 masseuses 1,160K
180 minutes   840K, 2 masseuses 1,680K




Let the warmth of our smooth stones relieve your tension.

60 minutes   460K
90 minutes   620K
120 minutes   820K

Additional Treatments

Try out our body scrub treatment.

30 minutes   220K

Our ear candling treatment is a must-try.

40 minutes   300K

Our cupping therapy consists of suction created on your skin.

30 minutes   220K

Beautify yourself with our facial with Biokos products.

60 minutes   440K

Pamper your hands with our manicure treatment.

45 minutes   260K

Try out our pedicure treatment at DK Spa Bali.

45 minutes   320K

Pamper your hands and your feet with our mani pedi treatment.

60 minutes   480K

Package Treatments

Our Luxe Package includes our splendid massage and cupping therapy.

120 minutes   580K

Complete your full-body massage with our refreshing body scrub.

120 minutes   620K

Indulge with our relaxing massage and facial with Biokos.

120 minutes   740K

Our Exclusif Package allows you to enjoy a massage, followed by a mani-pedi.

180 minutes   780K

Feel revived with our signature massage, body scrub and ear-candle.

190 minutes  980K


Pamper yourself with a massage, body scrub, followed by a delightful facial.

180 minutes   1.040K

Allowing you total relaxation with our full-body massage, body scrub, ear-candle, and our mani-pedi.

220 minutes   1.180K

Our Diamant Package offers you our splendid full-body massage, hot-stone treatment, cupping therapy and body scrub.

240 minutes   1.240K

Restore balance with our Ultime Package allowing you to experience our full-body massage, body scrub, ear-candle, and facial, completed with our mani-pedi.

240 minutes   1.520K

Reflexology Packages

Choose from our reflexology packages to relieve all your tensions.


Let yourself indulge with our 30-minute traditional reflexology treatment followed by a mani-pedi.

90 minutes   380K


Experience our 60-minute traditional reflexology treatment followed by a mani-pedi.

120 minutes   580K


Pamper the hardest working parts of your body with our manicures and pedicures. Let yourself relax and be beautified.

180 minutes   1.180K